Mikal Bridges net worth: How much does he worth?

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American professional basketball player Mikal Bridges, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets in the National Basketball Association (NBA), is incredibly gifted. He represented the Villanova Wildcats in college basketball and was born on August 30, 1996. Bridges was a crucial member of the group that captured two national titles in 2016 and 2018.

The Philadelphia 76ers selected Bridges with the tenth overall pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. He was, however, dealt to the Phoenix Suns on the same draft night, where he played for five seasons before being dealt to the Brooklyn Nets in 2023. Bridges is referred to as “The Warden” on the court because of his exceptional defensive abilities. He has never missed a game since his NBA career started after he was drafted, holding the current record for most consecutive games played.

Bridges was born and raised by his single mother, Tyneeha Rivers, who was 19 when she became pregnant with him. His early years were spent in Overbrook, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas, and he moved to Malvern, Pennsylvania, for middle school. It’s interesting to note that Bridges is related to Tyrone Garland, a former La Salle player. He has a close relationship with Garland, his second cousin, and the two have been close throughout their basketball careers.

All things considered, Mikal Bridges is a talented and accomplished basketball player who has made valuable contributions to the game at both the college and professional levels. His stellar performance and devotion to the game are attested to by his illustrious record and moniker.

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What is Mikal Bridges’ net worth?

As of February 2023, Mikal Bridges’ estimated net worth is $9.1 million. His successful career as a professional basketball player has accounted for the majority of his sizeable earnings. Bridges has amassed a sizeable income from his salary, bonuses, and endorsements as a star player in the NBA. Throughout his career, he has also landed lucrative contracts, which unquestionably helped him accumulate his impressive net worth. Mikal Bridges’ net worth is probably going to increase over the next few years as a result of his continued success on the court.

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