Who is The Baby Sitters Club’s Shay Rudolph?

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Popularly known as Stacey McGill though her real name is Shay Rudolph she has became well-known worldwide as the highly followed book from back in the day called The Baby Sitters club was relived on Netflix. 

As mentioned, Shay played the character ‘Stacey McGill’ who is the treasurer and fashionista of The Baby Sitters Club and a recent transplant from New York City.


How old is Shay Rudolph?

Shay Rudolph popularly called Stacey McGill was born on the 6th of September, 2006 and is currently 16 years old now as of June 6, 2022.



Where does Shay Rudolph live in real life?

She is a native of San Diego. Shay is a native San Diegan who adores her hometown. When she’s in San Diego, she enjoys eating at local restaurants, with Plant Power being her favorite.



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