Who are Lil Durk’s Children?

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Lil Durk, whose actual name is Durk Derrick Banks, is an American rapper and singer from Chicago, Illinois, who was born on October 19, 1992.
He’s also the founder of Only The Family, a well-known Chicago rap group.


Who are Lil Durk’s Children?

Lil Durk has six children, the first of whom he fathered when he was 17 years old and their names are Angelo Banks his first child who was born in 2011 to him and Nicole Covone, in 2013 he and Nicole Covone also gave birth to Bella Banks and shortly after her birth they split up.

Lil Durk gave birth to his third child, Zayden Banks, just a few months after Bella Banks was born, Durk also stated in 2014 that he was the father of a fourth child, Du’mier Banks. The identity of Du’mier’s mother is unknown.

Skyler Banks‘ father is Durk Banks. Skyler’s mother is presumed to be Tameka Kute. Durk began dating India Royale in 2017, proposed to her in September 2018, and had Willow Banks, his sixth child, the following month.


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