Valeria Quiroz: Facts About Canelo Àlvarez and El Chapo girlfriend

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Valeria Quiroz is known as a model and she’s best known as the ex-girlfriend of Mexican professional boxer, Canelo Àlvarez who has won multiple bouts in all the weights in the boxing fraternity.

Canelo Àlvarez gained prominence as a result of his career in the ring and has since gained massive followers across the world.

He’s having four children with different partners and is one of the many partners that the boxer has had a child with. In this article, we’re going to learn everything you need to know about Valeria Quiroz.

Valeria Quiroz
Valeria Quiroz and partners

Who is Valeria Quiroz?

Valeria Quiroz is better known as a model who has had a relationship with both Canelo Àlvarez and El ‘Chapo’ Guzmán. Although her relationship with these celebrities made her attain the spotlight but they kept it a secret.

A photograph came up in 2017 where Valeria Quiroz, who was at the time 15 years old was seen next to El ‘Chapo’, they had a relationship together later but they ended it and separated from the criminal.

After five years of separating from El Chapo, she went on to have a relationship with Canelo Àlvarez and later gave birth to Mia Ener Álvarez.

The Mexican boxer was in a relationship with Marisol González when the news came that Valeria Quiroz was pregnant with Mia Ener Álvarez but Canelo Àlvarez didn’t accept the paternity of the child but eventually accepted it after she won a legal battle

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Valeria Quiroz and El Chapo Guzman

Valeria Rubi Quiroz was said to have met El Chapo in 2009 but she didn’t know that her boyfriend was the founder of the Sinaloa Cartel and a fugitive.

In 2011, Guzmán Leora gave Valeria Quiroz to her parents and told them not to allow her to return to Culiacán and she disappeared from the public space

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