Avril Lavigne Age: How Old Is Avril Lavigne?

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Avril Ramona Lavigne, better known by her stage as Avril Lavigne, is a Canadian actress, singer, and songwriter. She has worked in the music industry since 1999, primarily in the genres of post-grunge, alternative rock, pop-rock, and pop-punk.

She had shared the stage with Shania Twain at the age of 15, and by the age of 16, she had secured a two-album recording deal with Arista Records worth over $2 million. Lavigne’s first studio album, Let Go (2002), is the best-selling Canadian record of the twenty-first century.

Back in December 1999, Avril Lavigne was discovered by her first professional manager, Cliff Fabri while she sang country covers at a Chapters bookshop in Ontario.

Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne Age

Avril Lavigne Age: How Old Is Avril Lavigne?

Avril Lavigne was born on the 27th of September, 1984, and she is 37 years old in April, 2022.

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Why did Avril Lavigne stop singing?

In 2014, Avril was diagnosed with Lyme disease, leaving her in bed “for two years” and was left feeling “trapped” in her own body. In an interview with Billboard, she said: “I had accepted that I was dying. And I felt in that moment like I was underwater and drowning, and I was trying to come up to gasp for air.


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