Who is transgender youth activist turned actress, Zoey Luna?

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Zoey Luna is a transgender actress who rose to prominence as a result of her work and her fight to get there. She is still young and has a long way to go before she can realize her ambitions. Zoey Luna is regarded as a role model for transgender people.


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Is Zoey Luna born a boy?

The story follows Zoey Luna, who was born a boy but began to identify as a girl even before starting school.




Who is Zoey Luna?

Zoey Luna is a Los Angeles-based transgender youth activist turned actress.




How old is Zoey Luna?

Zoey Luna was born on July 23, 2001, and is 20 currently in May 2022. She was raised in Downey, California, after being born in Lynwood, California. Latina is her ethnicity. Her nationality is that of an American and she is currently based in Los Angeles, California, USA.


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