Who is Lexi of FGTeeV and how old is she now?

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Today we get to know some important facts about her in this article and Who is Lexi of FGTeeV;


Who is Lexi of FGTeeV?

Lexi is a popular celebrity well known famously on YouTube on the channel FGTeeV, the YouTube channel is known as the most viewed gaming channel with a whopping 20 billion views plus.

She has been active since 2006 but do we know how old is she now?

Lexi has become a household name on YouTube on the FGTeeV channel and in the world of gaming.

Lexi’s full name is Alexis Ryan and she was born in the year 2006 on the 24th of July and is American by nationality.

Lexi grew up a strong Christian and she is widely known previously as Skylander Girl and for her YouTube channels like FGTeeV, TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl, FUNnel Vision, and DohMuchFun.

She has been active since 2006 but do we know how old is she now?



Early Life of Lexi (Alexis Ryan)

The teen who was born in July, 2006 was born to businessman Vincent Ryan and Samantha Ryan who is a housewife.

Both parents are Christians making Lexi automatically one from a very strong background.
Lexi has two little brother called Chase and Shawn Ryan who also appear in the family YouTube platform videos as well.

Lexi is the cousin of co-YouTube YouTube star Minecraft Ethan whose real name is Ethan McKinnon.

She attended a local high school in the United States for her early education.
She was then homeschooled, and she is currently pursuing her further education as well as her professional job.

Alexis Ryan FGTeeV
Alexis Ryan and her family



Since childhood, Lexi had a deep interest in online gaming and has always wanted to showcase her talent to the world through online platforms.

Alexis Ryan began her career as a YouTuber, launching FGTeeV, TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl, FUNnel Vision, and DoMuchFun, among other notable channels.

Her parents started the channel FUNnel Vision shortly after she was born in December of 2006.

She has developed a sizable fan base in a relatively short period of time.

Her YouTube channel, FGTeeV, is one of the most popular gaming channels on the platform, with over 20 billion views on her hilarious videos.

Lexi is also the proud owner of popular TikTok account Lex_0724, an account with a decent fan base.

Lexi also owns clothing line named Lexoxo which is a brand doing very well for the social media personality.

How old is Lexi is from FGTeeV now?

The sensational YouTuber Lexi whose real name is Alexis Ryan is currently 15 years of age and she will turn 16 years old on July 24th


Where does Lexi from FGTeeV live?

It has come to our attention that Lexi lives at 3004 Wheatfield Dr, Waxhaw, NC 28173 | Zillow with her family.


How old is the mom on FGTeeV and who is she?

FGTeeV Mom’s real name is Samantha Ryan; she is the mother of Lexi (Alexis Ryan).

FGTeeV Mom was born on 14 June 1979 and she is 42-years-old now.

She is the wife of FGTeeV Duddy Vince Carter and mom of Lexi, Shawn and Chase Ryan.



Does Lexi have a boyfriend?

Lexi does not have a boyfriend and there is no trace of any past relationship she has had in the past.

The 15-year-old is gladly single and does not have a boyfriend.

What is Lexi’s net worth as of 2022?

Alexis Ryan famously known as Lexi on social media has a net worth of $2 million as of 2022.

Lexi earns her money mostly through her social media channels on YouTube and TikTok and also through her clothing brand and several businesses she owns.

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Physical appearance of Lexi

She is a short and lightweight figure with beautiful blonde and shiny long hair with very dark brown beautiful eyes.

Lexi is extremely beautiful with a very curvy look with some attractive personality and a lovely bright smile.


Full profile of Alexis Ryan


Full Name Alexis Ryan
Net Worth $2 Million
Date of Birth 24 July 2006
Age 15 Years
Birth Place United States
Profession YouTuber and Social Media Personality
Nationality American
Hometown United States
Zodiac Sign Leo
School Local High School, United States
Education Qualification

High School



Fun fact about Lexi (Alexis Ryan)

Alexis is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys spending hours at the gym on a regular basis.

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