Who Is Kevin Samuels? Age, Children, Net Worth & More

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Kevin Samuels is a popular American social media influencer, YouTuber, dating expert, and life coach who gained much attention from sharing his thoughts on relationship issues on social media. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Let’s take a minute as we look into who Kevin Samuels really is.

Who Is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels was born on 13 March 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia. There is no information on who his parents were however, Kevin revealed that his parents divorced when he was young. He also revealed that he was closer to his mother than his father after their separation. There is no other information about any other siblings. Samuels completed Millwood High School and then graduated with a bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. After school, Kevin worked as a Business Manager and consultant after school.

Who Is Kevin Samuels Dating?

Kevin is very secretive with his personal life. However, available information reveals he has been married twice. It is also likely he is dating but information known to the public shows he is single. Kevin has a daughter born to him on 29 June 2000 whose name is unknown.

Kevin Samuels Social Media

The relationship expert is ver active on social media. People are facing a lot these days and so, listening to the right person is the ideal panacea. Kevin has huge followers. You can find him by following the links below.
Facebook: Kevin Samuels
Instagram: kevinrsamuels

Kevin Samuels Controversies

Samuels did not have it well with some fans who believed that Kevin’s content against African American women promotes violence. For this, some wrote a petition which was meant to get him off social media platforms.

Kevin Samuels’ Book

The book “Kevin Samuels Dating Advice for Women: The Things You Need to Know- From Woman’s Perspective” jotted down by Timeka Wills is a must read. There are a lot to learn from the relationship expert.

Kevin Samuels’ Net Worth

Samuels makes a lot of money from his content posted on his social media channels. His estimated net worth is about $3 million.

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