Who is Fred Ward’s son, Django Ward? Age, bio, career, net worth

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Django Ward is better known as a jazz musician from the United States of America however he is widely known for her father’s achievements, Fred Ward, an American actor, and producer.

Fred Ward began his acting career in 1973 by working in an Italian TV show however before becoming an actor her served in the US Air force service. In this article, we’re going to learn everything about Django Ward including her professional career and personal life.

Django Ward
Django Ward

Django Ward biography

Django Ward was born in the year between 1966-1970 after his dad, Fred Ward had already retired from the US Air force and moved to Rome, Italy hence it is believed that he was born in Italy but his exact age is unknown as his exact date of birth is not publicly available.

He holds Italian nationality and his ethnicity is French. Django Ward was born in his father’s relationship with his second wife, Silvia meanwhile he married his first wife, Carla Evonne Stewart in 1965 in Venice and got divorced the same year.

The love between Fred Ward and Silvia didn’t last hence they also divorced in the 90s. He has since proceeded to get married to Marie France Boisselle and divorce but they also reconciled until the death of his death on May 8th, 2022.

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Django Ward height

Django Ward stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (183 cm) tall and weighs 80 kg (179 Ibs) she has black hair and eyes.

Django Ward’s professional career

Django Ward decided to choose his own path of career despite his father making great achievements in the movie industry.

He chose music as his career path and hence has dedicated his entire life to music. His style of music is jazz and is mostly referred to as Jazz Manouche.

He’s a member of Biper Swing band and most of the songs he has released can be found on SoundCloud.

Django Ward wife

There’s not much information about the personal life of Django Ward hence it’s not public knowledge that he’s having a wife or is in a relationship with anyone.

Django Ward net worth.

Django Ward has earned an income from his career as a musician but his estimated net worth is not publicly available.

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