Who Is Aiden Fucci? Tristyn Bailey Murder Trial & Facts

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Aiden Fucci is a 14-year old American school kid known for stabbing a 13-year old classmate, Tristyn Bailey 114 times until the knife broke in her scalp. Tristyn was also a cheerleader of the sports team in Patriot Oaks Academy, St. Johns County in Florida. In this post, we will reveal who Aiden really is and facts about his trial. Keep reading below.

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Who Is Aiden Fucci?

Aiden Fucci was born to parents Crystal Smith and Jasson Fucci. He is about 15 years of age. Aiden was arrested for stabbing his classmate Tristyn Bailey.  Before his arrest, Barley’s family had already reported about their missing daughter on Mother’s Day. After a long search, her body was discovered in some woods which was about half a mile from Fucci’s home. Evidence led investigators to Fucci who was arrested. He was originally charged with second-degree murder but based on the severity of the crime, it was upgraded. Fucci was then held in custody for 21 days by a judge

Aiden Fucci Age

There is little information on Fucci however, he is currently 15 years of age.

Aiden Fucci Update

As revealed earlier, Fucci was charged with second-degree murder from the start but based on the severity of the crime, it was upgraded to first-degree murder. He will now be charged as an adult after earlier on pleading not guilty.

The court also provided a public defender after he declared he can’t afford to pay for his own lawyer. Despite some weird behavior from Aiden, his defender has not asked for a mental evaluation for his client. For example, he had a tattoo of a cross on his middle finger. Back in September, Fucci talked about hearing demons and looked a bit confused. Fucci’s girlfriend told investigators that his boyfriend would hear voices telling him to kill people. The court hearing is expected to be renewed this year in March and May.

Aiden Fucci’s Mother, Crystal Smith

Crystal Smith is also expected to be charged for tampering with evidence. According to investigators, she washed off the blood from her son’s blue jeans while he was being questioned.

Aiden Fucci Social Media

Fucci has an Instagram account with just two posts and 11.6k followers.

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