Who Are The Blue Skinned People of Kentucky?

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The Fugates are a group of people who lived in the hills of Kentucky and are often referred to as the “Blue Skinned People of Kentucky”. They carry a genetic trait that led to the blood disorder methemoglobinemia which causes the appearance of blue-tinged skin. We have more details about who they are including images. Keep reading.

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Who Are The Blue Skinned People of Kentucky?

Long ago, Martin Fugate and Elizabeth settled in Troublesome Creek, Kentucky. They later found out that four of their 7 kids had blue skin. The couple had no explanation for this occurrence.

The blue-skinned is likely a result of methemoglobinemia, a condition that causes the methemoglobin levels in the red blood cells to rise higher than 1 per cent which makes the skin and the lips blue and turns the blood into a chocolate brown colour. The condition had no health side effects; it only affected the colour of the skin only.

How Is The Blue Skin Cured?

Dr Madison Cawein and his nurse, Ruth Pendergrass decided to help. The doctor injected them with methylene blue which worked as both medicine and dye to turn the blue skin pink. He then left behind a large sum of tablets for them to take daily.

Where are the Blue skinned people of Kentucky now?

The most recent case of blue skin was in 1975 and the person had only one gene and the condition is no longer there. With the Fugates, some moved out of Kentucky and married outside their family. This reduced the likelihood of having more blue children.

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