Who are Sky Brown parents? Her age, Olympic record and more

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Sky Brown is a professional British-Japanese skateboarder and dancer who represents the United Kingdom in a number of international competitions. She is one of the youngest professional skateboarders in the world currently.

She is also well recognized for winning the iconic American reality TV show Dancing with the stars junior. She has competed in a number of national and international championships for Great Britain winning a couple of them.



Sky Brown parents?

Her British father is called Stu Brown who is also a skateboarder by profession and her Japanese Mum is Miko Brown a housewife.



Does Sky Brown go to school?

She goes to charter school three days a week and does the rest of her schooling online to accommodate her travel schedule.



Is Sky Brown the youngest Olympian?

Sky Brown became the youngest Great British  Olympic medalist ever after she won Bronze in the skateboarding event in Tokyo 2020. She was aged 13 years and 28 days old.




Where is Sky Brown now?

She lives in Huntington Beach which is home to another skateboarding star Christian Hosoi.



Does Sky Brown have siblings?

Yes she has a sibling called Ocean Brown.



Is Sky Brown Scottish?

Sky Brown was born in Miyazaki, Japan to a Japanese mum and an English dad from England.



Does Sky Brown have dual citizenship?

Yes, she is Black Japanese. Her mum is Japanese and her dad is from England.



How old is Sky Brown?

Sky who was born on the 7th of July, 2008 is 13 year old currently in 2022. She will be 14 in July.



What skateboard does Sky Brown use?

Sky rides an Impact Light deck that measures 7.5 x 29.3 with a full concave kick shape and her deck features the almost Skateistan Dove Graphic.



Is Sky Brown sponsored by Nike?

Yes Sky Brown is sponsored by Nike  and is famous in the USA for winning the 2018 reality TV show Dancing with the stars Juniors.



How much money does Sky Brown make?

The 13 year old star has a huge net worth of £3.5 million and has been offered another £2 million in New endorsements for becoming the youngest British medalist in history.

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