Was Betty White religious? Her spouse, net worth, Death and more

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Betty White whose full name was Betty Marion White Ludden was an American actress popular for her comedy, career as an author and animal rights advocate. 

Betty is well-known for her appearances in popular sitcoms called The Mary Tyler Moore show, The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland.

She was the first woman to exert control in front and behind cameras. She was also  the first woman to produce a TV sitcom called Life with Elizabeth for which she received the honorary title Mayor of Hollywood in 1955.




Betty White Birthday

Before her death she used to celebrate her birthday on every 17th January.




Betty White spouse

She had three marriages; the first was with Dick Barker (1945-1945)and second was  Lane Allen (1947-1949), then the third  Allen Ludden (1963-1981).

Allen Ludden was her most successful marriage spanning 18 years before Ludden passed on in June 1981 from stomach cancer.




How many children did Betty White have?

She never had biological kids of her own but with her late husband  Allen Ludden she had 3 step children called David, Martha and Sarah.



How old is Betty White?

Betty White was 99 years old, approaching a century before she died. She was born 17th January, 1922 into a well-established Christian family from Oak Park, Illinois, USA.




Betty White Young

40 Photos of Betty White Through the Years - Young Betty White Pictures



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Betty White died

She died from natural causes in her home at Los Angeles on December 31st, 2021 at age 99. 



What were Betty White’s last words?

According to Betty’s assistant who was by her side when she died, the last word she spoke from her mouth was “Allen”. Allen was her husband who passed away from stomach cancer in June, 1981.




Net worth of Betty White

Betty White was worth $75 million before she passed away.




When was the last time someone saw Betty White?

Her final TV appearance was quite one to forget as she was last seen at the 70th Annual Emmy awards in 2018.




Did Betty White have a stroke before she passed away?

On her death certificate it stated that Betty White suffered a stroke 6 days before her death on December 31st, 2021.




What is the age of Betty White?

99 years old, From January 17th,1922-31st December, 2021.




Who inherited Betty White fortune?

White has no legal heirs to inherit her legacy, despite having three step-children from her marriage to Ludden. The specifics of White’s bequest are unknown, however it is assumed that she gave a major percentage of her inheritance to the numerous animal charities for which she campaigned throughout her life.




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