Sean Edward Hartman Bio & Facts About Phil Hartman’s son

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Sean Edward Hartman is a Canadian actor, artist, graphic designer, and writer. He is also popularly known as the son of late actor Phil Hartman. Sean was born on 17 June 1989. The issues surrounding the death of his father, life and career are explained below. Keep reading to find out more.

Sean Edward Hartman Biography

Edward was born on 17 June 1989 in Sunset, Vancouver, British Columbia to Phil and Brynn Hartman. Sean’s father was a Canadian actor, screenwriter, graphic designer and also a comedian. He passed away on 28 May 1998 in Encino, Los Angeles, California, at the age of 49. Sean completed Edina High School and upgraded his education later at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

After school, Sean followed his dream career by becoming a musician. He performed in bars and restaurants. Just like his father, he was also good at comedy. In 2018, he hosted a weekly comedy show dubbed the Funny Mother Buckers. He also acted in a few movies.

Where Is Sean Edward Hartman Today?

Sean lives in the United States reportedly in Oakland, California. Despite losing both parents, Sean is living a peaceful life.

Sean Edward Hartman’s Wife

Edward Hartman’s wife is currently unknown as he seeks to keep his private life away from the public.

Sean Edward Hartman’s Net Worth

Edward Hartman’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million. He makes his income from his work as a musician, actor, comedian and graphic designer.

How Did Sean Edward Hartman’s Father, Phil Hartman Die?

Phil Hartman was married to Brynn, a former model and actress. The two met on a blind date and after dating for a while married. They had two children; that is, Birgen Anika and Sean Edward. On 28 May 1998, Brynn shot Phil and later took her own life. The children left behind lived with their aunt, Katherine and years later, lived with their late father’s brother called John.

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