Nailea Devora age, her TikTok and Instagram

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Nailea Devora is a millionaire YouTuber, Instagram influencer, and internet personality from the United States. Her Instagram and YouTube channels are known for her intriguing postings and videos. 

She is one of the most popular social media influencers in the United States, according to reports. She has received a lot of attention and admiration in the entertainment world at such a young age.



Nailea Devora TikTok

She is @billlnai on TikTok with 8.4m followers and a total of 227.3m likes on all of her video content as of 11th April, 2022. She is a verified personality on TikTok.



Nailea Devora Instagram 

On Instagram She is @naileadevora, verified and has 4.9m followers as of April 11, 2022.



How old is Nailea Devora?

Nailea Devora is 20 years old now as of 2022. She turned 20 earlier this year on her birthday January 20th.



How did Nailea Devora get famous?

She got famous after she started uploading fun videos on her Instagram and TikTok and gained a lot of popularity. She used that as a platform to start a YouTube channel in her name which she shares fun videos of herself.




What Ethnicity is Nailea Devora?

The beauty Instagram model is of Mexican descent through her parents.




Where is Nailea Devora’s parents from?

Her parents are both from Mexico.




What state does Nailea Devora live in?

The model with a Hispanic background lives in the state of California, Los Angeles (LA) to be precise.



Who is Nailea Devora dating?

It has been made clear that she is single and is not dating anyone Currently. It is rumored that her boyfriend is Larray who also is a social media celebrity.



What is Nailea Devora net worth?

In 2022 it was said that her net worth is estimated to be a million dollars and she earns through  brand endorsements.




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