Meet Tiana Tracy, Penguinz0 Girlfriend

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Tiana Tracy is an American casual photographer and trained veterinarian. She is also popularly known as the girlfriend of Cr1TiKaL; one of the funniest YouTube gamers. Tiana’s boyfriend has a YouTube channel he calls Penguinz0. But how much do you know Tiana? Keep reading as I give you more details.

Tiana Tracy’s Early Life and Career Summary

Tracy was born on 9 November in the United States. Her year of birth is currently not available. She has a degree in veterinary technology from Hillsborough Community College. Apart from being a veterinary, Tiana is also a photographer. Most of her pictures are shared on her personal Instagram account.

Tiana Tracy’s Height

Tracy has a height of about 5 feet. However, she is a bit shorter than her boyfriend who stands at 5ft 6 in tall.

Tiana Tracy and Cr1TiKaL

Tracy has been with Cr1TiKal for some time now in the Tampa, Florida metropolitan area. The two have been together since 13 November 2019. They do not have any children in their relationship.

Tiana Tracy’s Net Worth

Tracy’s net worth is estimated to be about $100,000. Her boyfriend Cr1TiKal  also has an estimated net worth of about $40 million.

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