Lorynn York, her age and why did Lorynn York change her name?

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Lorynn York

Lauren Swickard, aka Lorynn York, is an American actress and model who primarily appears in television shows and films. She is most known for her roles as Janet in the television film “Babysitter’s Black Book” (2015) and Tracy Peterson in the social problem drama film “Roped” (2020), both of which she co-starred in with her husband Josh Swickard.  

Little is known about the celebrity but in today’s article we will delve deep to answer your most asked questions about Lorynn York.


Lorynn York age

The beautiful actress Lorynn York was born on 25 May 1993, Lorynn York’s age is 29 Years as of 2022.


Why did Lorynn York change her name?

Throughout her career, the actress has gone through various aliases. Lauren York was her first choice. However, because another star with the same name existed, the two were sometimes confused during job bookings. She changed her name to Lorynn York to avoid misunderstanding.


How tall is Lorynn York?

Lorynn York  is 5’6 feet tall and her weight is 54 Kg.




The actress began her career when she was still in high school, in the short film Lily’s Course, and since then, she has acted in small roles in TV series such as “It’s Supernatural” and “Deadly Sins” in 2012.

Her biggest year in her career was 2013, when she landed a major role in the TV movie Shelter and went on to star in films such as Safe-Heaven, Iron-Man-3, One-Bad-Day, The-Girl-In-The-Woods, 10-Rules-For-Sleeping-Around, Little-Birdy, and many others.

She also participated in the TV shows The Neighbours and Anatomy of Violence in the same year.

In 2014, the actress landed the lead role of Scarlett Cambridge in the TV mystery and thriller series Social Path. She appeared in a number of short films later that year, including The Boyfriend, Shattered, Cookie Monster, Southern Comfort, Beach Bum Blues, and others.

Lorynn later appeared in two TV movies, Web Cam Girls and Struggling, as well as two TV shows, Sweet The Show and Deat White People, in 2017. In 2018, she participated in a slew of blockbuster films, quickly establishing herself as one of America’s most well-known and sought-after actors.

In 2020, she made her digital debut alongside her husband Josh Swickard in the video series Roped on Netflix, and she also starred in the web series “Deadly Sugar Daddy.”


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Lorynn York and josh Swickard  

Her husband’s name is Josh Swickard who is an American actor. The couple dated for a while before getting engaged in December of 2018.Initially, they kept their relationship and marriage a secret, but they recently revealed their marriage by posting images of their wedding on social media.


How did Josh and Lorynn meet?

Josh and Lauren met just two days before filming their 2017 film Roped, in which they play a rodeo cowboy and a councilman’s daughter who fall in love, according to Nicki Swift.


Where is Lorynn York from?

She was born and raised in a well-educated household in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States.



Is Lorynn York a twin?

Oh no, she is no twin, but She has one sibling. Her younger sister’s name is Sarah York who is a model by profession.

When did Lauren Swickard get married? 

Lauren Swickard also Lorynn York got married to her husband  Josh Swickard on July 6th, 2019 after they got engaged in 2018.

Was Lauren Swickard pregnant during filming of A California Christmas?

Josh and Lauren Swickard had a jam-packed schedule in 2021, yet they still found time to film A California Christmas: City Lights. First and foremost, the script was written while Lauren was pregnant. Netflix, according to Variety, was so pleased with the first film that it “fast-tracked” the second.



Lorynn York movies

Lorynn York has featured in a lot of movies, here is a list of them

  • Roped
  • A California Christmas
  • A California Christmas City Lights
  • Airplane Mode
  • 2 Lava 2 Lantula!
  • 10 Rules for sleeping around
  • Room for murder
  • Twisted Twin
  • Iron Man 3
  • Her deadly Sugar Daddy
  • Flight 192
  • Blackbear
  • Babysitter’s Black Book
  • Ghost Witch
  • The perfect daughter
  • Broken Promise
  • Web cam girls
  • Flashout
  • Safe Haven
  • Rosemont




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