Landon  Barker age, Net Worth and more

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Landon  Barker has a net worth of $500,000 and is an American rapper, singer, musician, and social media personality. His presence with his family in the hit MTV reality series “Meet the Barkers” catapulted him into the spotlight.

He’s also a social media celebrity who posts images of himself in various hairstyles and attractive attire on his Instagram account. He has also established a YouTube channel and built a sizable fan base on the social media platform.



Landon  Barker age

Born on 9 October 2003, Landon Barker’s age is about 18 years as of 2022. In October he will turn 19.



What disease does Travis Barker have?

The immense shame Barker felt knowing Still wasn’t meant to be on the plane exacerbated his post-traumatic stress disorder. Barker was in so much pain in the hospital that he called pals and offered them $1 million to assist him terminate his life.



Is Landon Barker the son of Travis Barker?

Yes, Mr. Travis Barker, a musician and drummer for the pop-punk band “Blink-182,” is Landon Asher Barker’s father, and Mrs. Shanna Moakler, a model and former Miss New York, is his mother.




Who is Landon Barker ex? 

In 2016, he was in a relationship with social media personality Devenity Perkins, however they broke up soon after. In the past, he was alleged to have had an affair with actress Natalia Muriithi.



Landon Barker Mom?

His  mother’s name is Mrs. Shanna Moakler, who is a model and former Miss New York.



What nationality is Landon Barker?

He is known to be an American by nationality



How is Landon Barker related to Travis Barker?

Landon Barker is related to Travis Barker as his son, the two stars are both family and share a bond.



Landon Barker  height

He stands about 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 56 kilograms. He has short, fashionable brown hair, as well as blazing dark brown eyes that are both attractive and intriguing.



Net Worth

Landon Asher Barker’s net worth is $500,000 as of 2022. He makes money from YouTube ad income and brand endorsements. Musical tours and concerts also help him make money.



Facts and Information

As per reports, Landon Asher Barker is a rising star. He has acclaimed huge popularity and has established himself as a social media sensation at a very young age. He is a fashion icon for his fans, his dress code and hairstyles are followed by his followers.

He is also an avid basketball player who enjoys playing in his spare time. He is devoted to his profession and is striving for greater success in the future.


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