Keemokazi TikTok, his beautiful sisters and family

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Keemokazi aka Kareem Hesri is a millionaire American actor, rapper, and social media personality. He rose to stardom after posting his funny videos on TikTok. He’s also a skilled actor and musician who’s written and produced several catchy songs that can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

He also has accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, where he posts his fashionable clothing, modeling shoots, daily life images, and videos to engage with his admirers, and he has amassed a sizable fan base on each of these platforms. He also has a Snapchat account called wazgoodkareem.



Keemokazi TikTok 

His username is @keemokazi and he has 26.4 million followers and 1.2 billion likes on all of his video content as of 13th April, 2022. He is verified on TikTok and currently has no profile picture.



Keemokazi sisters

He has 5 beautiful sisters called Sophie Hesri, Saby Hesri, Serene Hesri, Sara Hesri and Sima Hesri.


Keemokazi and his 5 sisters
Keemokazi and his 5 sisters



Keemokazi Family 

His father is Mr Hesri, a businessman and his mum is Mrs. Nina Hazem a social media personality.

Keemokazi has 5 beautiful sisters called Sophie Hesri, Saby Hesri, Serene Hesri, Sara Hesri and Sima Hesri.




How old is Keemokazi?

Keemokazi is currently  19 years old as he was born on the 29th of November, 2002. In November he will hit 20 years.



Keemokazi Songs

The star has a couple of songs to his belt, today we will take time to name a few for our dear readers;

  • King of My City
  • Arab Money
  • Yallah
  • Lions
  • AP
  • Fuk it Up
  • New Kid
  • High School 
  • Flexin’
  • Wake Em Up



What is Keemokazi’s net worth?

He has yielded a net worth of a million dollars and gets his money from his acting and music career as well as revenue paid by YouTube. He also earns through sponsorship deals.



What is Keemokazi real name?

His real name is Kareem Hesri and he is an American rapper and actor.  



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