Katelyn Faber Bio: Age, Movies, Family, Rape Case, Net Worth

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Katelyn Faber is an actress known for her role in the popular show known as American Idol. She was born on 18 June 1985 in Eagle, Colorado USA. Katelyn accused the late Kobe Bryant of sexual assault. Keep reading as I throw more details about the actress and her accusation. Let’s go.

Katelyn Faber’s Early Life and Family

Faber was born on 18 June 1985 in Eagle, Colorado USA to Paul Louis Faber and Kristine Ann. She completed Eagle Valley Senior High School and then upgraded her education at the University of Northern Colorado. After school, Katelyn secured a job at a hotel called Cordillera hotel. This is where an accident happened.

Katelyn Faber’s Rape Case

The late Kobe Bryant went to the Cordillera hotel whiles waiting to undergo a knee surgery when he met Faber. However, Katelyn revealed later that whiles working, Kobe persuaded her and forcibly had his way with her. The allegation had Kobe arrested by the police. In a statement, Kobe revealed that he indeed slept with the address but he did not force her into it. After several tests, blood, and neck bruises were discovered on Faber which indicated that she was forced into the act.

Katelyn Faber’s Apology

The rape allegation cost the late Kobe Bryant his career and a lot of endorsements. Kobe lost his marriage as a result of the allegations. In September 2004, Faber failed to testify against Kobe in court. She later issued a public apology. Faber went ahead to file a civil lawsuit against Kobe and weeks later, the issue was settled out of court.

Katelyn Faber Today

After the case, Katelyn went away from the public after several death threats from the fans of the late basketball star. She also put off her social media accounts to private. Katelyn is presently living a private life with her boyfriend by the name of Cort Colon.

Katelyn Faber’s Net Worth

Faber’s net worth is estimated to be about $1 million.

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