Julia Fox kids: Does Julia Fox have children? Who is Julia Fox son?

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Julia Fox is widely known as a Hollywood actress and model who has attained prominence as a result of the roles she plays in movies.

In early 2022, the actress was spotted with rapper, Kanye West which sparked many people to dive deep into her personal life. The two celebrities were said to be in a relationship but later ended it.

In this article, we’re going to learn more about his personal life including her child.

Julia Fox, kid, and Ex-husband

Does Julia Fox have kids?

Yes, Julia Fox is having a child with her ex-husband, Peter Artemiev, a private pilot. The ex-couple welcomed their son, Valentino on January 17th, 2021.

Before the birth of Valentino, the actress expressed her excitement about conceiving as she noted that Peter Artemiev intentionally got her pregnant and she’s glad about it.

Meanwhile, Julia Fox and Peter Artemiev have gone their separate ways after accusing her of being a deadbeat dad.

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Why did Julia Fox and Peter Artemiev break up?

The separation of the actress and her ex-husband initially surfaced in 2020 when she deleted photos of them on her Instagram page.

She however took to Instagram to complain about Peter Artemiev being absent but he responded in a statement that they’re false statements

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