Joe Montana Wife: Meet Jennifer Montana

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Joe Montana, a well-known former quarterback from the United States, spent 16 seasons in the National Football League, mostly with the San Francisco 49ers.

One of the best quarterbacks in history is largely considered as Joe Montana.

After capturing a national title at Notre Dame, Joe Montana began his NFL career in 1979 at San Francisco, where he played for the following 14 seasons.

Joe Montana was born in New Eagle, Pennsylvania, on June 11, 1956, in the United States of America.

Jennifer Montana
Jennifer Montana

Joe Montana Wife: Meet Jennifer Montana

Jennifer Montana current and third wife of Joe Montana. They have been married since 1985.

On the other side, Jennifer Montana is also known to be s a former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Jennifer Montana Montana is also a TV personality and has appeared on reality shows like Home & Family and Hollywood Today Live.

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Is Joe Montana still married?

He is still wed to Jennifer, yes. Joe had a prior marriage that ended in divorce. From 1974 to 1977, he was married to Kim Moses; from 1981 to 1984, he was wed to Cass Castillo.

Did Joe Montana get married?

Joe and Jennifer Wallace tied the knot back in 1985 and have been together ever since.

Did Joe Montana have children?

Joe Montana  has  three handsome ans beautiful personalities like Elizabeth Montana, Nick Montana, Nate Montana, and Alexandra Montana.

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