Jelly Roll Wife: Who Is Bunnie DeFord?

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Bunnie DeFord or Bunnie XO is a famous American podcaster, model, actress, and YouTuber from the United States of America.

Bunnie DeFord is best known as the wife of Jelly Roll, an American rapper, and singer known for his collaborations with Lil Wyte, Struggle Jennings, Yelawolf, Tech N9ne, and Ryan Upchurch.

Jelly Roll, 36, and Bunnie XO, 42, really had their first kiss at one of his early gigs in Las Vegas.

His future bride was at the Country Saloon in Sin City where Jelly Roll was performing in front of a crowd.

Jelly Roll Wife
Jelly Roll Wife

Jelly Roll Wife: Who Is Bunnie DeFord?

The entertainment business has seen Bunnie Xo, formerly known as Bunnie DeFord, advance for many years.

Model, podcast presenter, Dumb Blonde Productions owner, and YouTube phenomenon Bunnie Xo are all a part of her. The popular podcast Dumb Blonde brings people from diverse backgrounds to light.

What is Jelly Rolls wife famous for?

Bunnie, Jelly Roll’s wife, may be seen in many of his music videos and live performances.

She also has a very popular YouTube channel where, among many other series, you can find the Dumb Blonde Podcast in between all of that. Meet The DeFords is one of the most popular programs she creates.

Is Jelly Roll still with his wife?

Jelly Roll is still married to his wife Bunnie DeFord. They are still married together.



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