Jaden Hossler age, Nessa Barrett, his height and TikTok fame

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Jaden Hossler is a well-known TikTok celebrity and a successful singer and songwriter from the United States. In the industry, he is also known professionally as Jxdn.

In the year 2019, he became famous after he began recording videos on the popular video-sharing app TikTok. After that, in the year 2020, he released his debut single, Comatose, and established himself in the music industry.



How old is Jaden Hossler?

Jaden Hossler is 21 years old currently in 2022. He was was born on the 8th of February, 2001 in Dallas, Texas.



Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett

Jaden and Nessa are dating each other, they’ve been spotted by the Hollywood Fix. They both keep their relationship private and talk less about it to the public.



How tall is Jaden Hossler?

He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a body mass of 58kg.


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Jaden Hossler TikTok 

Known as @jxdn on TikTok, he has a total of 9.4 million followers and 285.8 million likes on all of his video content as of 13th April, 2022.



Who is Jaden Hossler’s dad?

His dad is Mr. John Wilson Hossler Jr.



How did Jaden Hossler get famous?

He got famous when he started sharing videos on TikTok in 2019. Securing his popularity he signed with talent agency Talent X and became a member of the Sway House, a TikTok collective formed by Talent X.




Is Jxdn in downfalls high?

Jxdn is also Jaden Hossler who is an Actor and composer known for Downfalls High (2021).



Does Jaden Hossler have any tattoos?

Infact yes, he has matching tattoos with his baby, Nessa Barrett.



What kind of music is Jxdn?

He does the pop-punk style of music.



Jaden Hossler and Mads Lewis

They dated back in 2019 but it was an unstable relationship. Everyone thought they were making things work until Jaden released a song with Nessa titled La Di Die.



Jaden Hossler net worth?

Jxdn or Jaden Hossler has a net worth of $300,000


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