How old is Biannca Prince? Net worth, Family, Boyfriend, All Facts

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Biannca Prince is a popular Youtuber and musician is 25 years old and was born on 6th March 1997. Biannca Prince aka Biannca Raines has a net worth of $18 million. She is popularly known for being the life partner of the popular YouTuber Damien Prince. Please see Who is Bianca Prince? for more information. All Facts: Family, Age, Sisters, Net Worth, Boyfriend

She is also very popular for music videos like Sheesh, I Miss Her, Now We Up, and others.

She is also a renowned model and works for various popular fashion brands like Fashion Nova and others.


Biannca Prince Biography/Who is Biannca Prince?

Biannca Prince, whose real name is Biannca Raines, was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on March 6, 1997. With her husband, Damien Prince, she operates the ‘D&B Nation’ YouTube channel.

 She is known to be an American by nationality and is Christian by religion.

R. Nelson Snider High School in Fort Wayne was where she finished her education.

After that, she left her studies and went to Texas to start her professional career. Since childhood, she has had a great interest in singing and music and has wanted to pursue her career in the same field. Before getting popular she also worked in a restaurant to earn her living.



Biannca Prince began her YouTube career in the year 2016. She had previously worked as a waitress in a pizza restaurant in Texas. Along with a prominent YouTuber and her husband Damien, she launched the D&B Nation YouTube channel.

They started uploading funny vlogging, pranks, and challenges videos on their channel and gained huge popularity.

Some of their most popular videos on YouTube are Cocaine prank on husband lead to a breakup, Run my scrill, Playz with my bae, Cheating prank with boyfriend’s best friend, and several other popular videos.

Apart from their primary YouTube channel they also run four other YouTube channels named The Prince Family, DJ’s Clubhouse, Damien & Biannca, and GamingwithD&B.

She also works as a renowned model in the industry, for brands such as Fashion Nova and others, in addition to her professional online career.

She is a talented artist who has made a number of music videos, including Sheesh, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, I Miss Her, Now We Up, and others. On YouTube, the majority of her videos garner millions of views.


How old is Biannca Prince?

Born on 6th March, 1997, Biannca Prince is 25-years-old.


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Biannca Prince’s Family(Dad, Mum and Siblings)

Biannca was born to Charles Raines and Jennifer Raines, Charles is a businessman and Jennifer is a housewife.

Alexis Raines, Chanelle Raines, Christian Raines, Jaqueshia, and Ryann Jr are her six siblings, but the names of the other three siblings remain unknown.

Alexis and Christian, her sisters, have appeared in a few of her YouTube videos.

She is of Black, Asian, and White roots through her parents.



Biannca Prince Husband and Children

She is married to Damien Prince, a well-known YouTube personality. The pair met for the first time in the restaurant where they both worked, and then they began dating.

The couple got engaged on November 20, 2016, and married on March 18, 2017.

DJ Prince, Kyrie Prince, Nova Grace Prince, and Ayla Faith Prince are the couple’s four adorable children.

Biannca Prince Husband and Children
Biannca Prince Husband and Children



How old was Bianca Prince when she had son DJ Prince?

Biannca got pregnant with her first born son DJ Prince when she was 17 years old.



What are Biannca Prince Socials?

On Instagram her handle is  x_bianncaraines

On Twitter its @bianncaraines

On YouTube @bianncaraines and the Prince Family

On Snapchat she is @bianncaraines 

And on TikTok she is @bianncaprinccee



Bianca Prince Height & Weight

She stands at 5 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 52 kilograms.



What is Biannca Prince Net Worth?

As of 2022, Biannca Prince’s net worth is $18 million. She mainly earns through her YouTube career, social media career, paid collaborations, and modeling projects.


She is a foodie  and loves to spend her free time with her grandmother, as she is very close to her.

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