How old is Ava Kolker, her TikTok, Instagram and Movies

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Ava Kolker is a well-known American child actress popular for playing the role of Ava Morgenstern in the popular Disney Channel series titled Girls Meet the World.

Ava has also featured in a number of other series like the renowned comedy TV series called Sydney to the Max where she played Olive Rozalski, and Lily in the American horror film Scary Movie 5 and many other roles.

Today we will get to know a lot about her and quench readers off their thirst and questions about Ava Kolker.



How old is Ava Kolker?

Ava Kolker is 15 years old now. She was born on the 5th of December, 2006 in Los Angeles, California.



Ava Kolker TikTok

Ava Kolker is on TikTok as @avakolker and has a total of 3.3 million followers and 74.4 million likes on all of her video content as of 12th April, 2022. Ava is verified on TikTok.



Ava Kolker Instagram 

On Instagram She is @avakolker,  she’s verified and has 1 million followers and 1,627 posts as of April 12th, 2022.



Are Lexy and Ava Kolker siblings?

Yes, Lexy Kolker is the sister of Ava Kolker.



How did Ava Kolker become famous?

Ava became popular at 4 years old when she appeared in the TV series American Horror Story on FX Television in 2011. After that role she also acted in many other movies making each appearance increase her popularity.



Who is older Lexy Kolker or Ava Kolker?

Lexy Kolker was born on August 17, 2009 whiles Ava Kolker was born on December 5, 2006. Ava is the older party and both sisters have made waves in the entertainment industry.



Ava Kolker Girl Meets world

Ava Kolker is an American actress who played Ava Melanie Ruth Esther Morgenstern who is a recurring character in Girls Meet world. Ava is Auggie’s eight year old, manipulative girlfriend.




Ava Kolker birthday

Ava Kolker celebrates her birthday every December 5th each year.



How tall is Ava Kolker?

She is 4 feet 10 inches tall in height. She weighs roughly 45kg.



Ava Kolker movies and TV shows

Ava has featured in a lot of movies and TV shows, here is a list of some;

  • Sydney to the Max
  • Girl meets world
  • Insidious: The last key
  • Scary Movie
  • Sam & Cat
  • Miss Meadows
  • A fairy’s game
  • Message from the King
  • The trials of Cate McCall
  • Dads 
  • Manifest West



Ava Kolker net worth?

The 15 year old has a prized bet worth of $550,000. She earns through her acting career, TV roles and other businesses.



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