George Jung Wife: Who Is Mirtha Jung?

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George Jung was a well-known drug smuggler and trafficker in America.

During the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, George Jung played a significant role in the American cocaine trade. For the Colombian Medelln, Jung and his colleague Carlos Lehder trafficked cocaine into the United States.

On August 6, 1942, George Jung was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. In Weymouth, Massachusetts, in the United States of America, he passed away on May 5, 2021. His parents are Frederick and Ermine Jung.

Weymouth High School and The University of Southern Mississippi graduates include George Jung.

George Jung Wife: Who Is Mirtha Jung?

George Jung was married to Mirtha Jung. They got married in 1977 and divorced in 1984.

What happened to George Jung’s wife?

Still alive is Mirtha Jung. She gradually altered her way of life, leaving her drug addiction behind her and overcoming all the challenges associated with the healing process. Despite not actively engaging in any illicit activity, she has chosen to keep her current actions a secret.

George Jung Wife
George Jung Wife

When did George Jung get married?

George Jung got married to Mirtha Jung on March 22, 1977 in the United States of America.

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How did George Jung get caught?

George Jung had been staying at the Playboy Club, where he was to meet a connection who would pick up the marijuana. The connection was arrested for heroin smuggling; however, he informed the authorities about Jung to get a reduced sentence.


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