Dumbest Questions To Ask People Today

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A question is termed as dumb when it is obvious the person who asked it is just trying to play around. However, asking questions is very important. It helps people learn from the answers. I have gathered a list of the dumbest questions you probably do not have to ask. However, if you do, expect any kind of weird answers.

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50 Dumbest Questions To Ask People

Check out some of the dumbest questions you can ask people. You should expect any kind of reply as people do not expect such questions.

  1. What would you do if your neighbour turned into a werewolf?
  2. Do ghosts get scared of each other?
  3. If being able to fly costs you both of your legs, would you do it?
  4. Would it be weird if rocks were squishy like jelly?
  5. What are five things you could buy at a gas station to make the cashier look at you oddly?
  6. If you could replace all of the leaves in the world with something else, what would it be and why?
  7. If you could merge two different trees to create the ultimate tree, what two trees would it be, and what would that tree be like?
  8. If you were suddenly thrown into jail for no reason and your picture was posted all over the internet, what would it be that everyone you know thinks that you did?
  9. A wizard has put a curse on you, turning you into a door for 100 days. To be changed back to your normal self before the 100 days are up, you need to be able to get at least a thousand people to knock on you. What type of door would you be?
  10. All the people on Earth have disappeared into thin air. There’s only one other person besides yourself left. If you had to choose between the president, your neighbour, or charlie sheen to be your last earth companion, who would you choose?
  11. If you were famous for something, what would your friends and family say you’d be famous for?
  12. If you could create a new holiday for yourself to be celebrated globally, what day would it be, and what would its traditional activities include?
  13. Would you rather live somewhere hot and sunny every day or cold and rainy every day?
  14. If you had the option to become ruler of the entire world, would you do it?
  15. If you could travel into the future, how far into the future would you go?
  16. If you could time travel backwards in time, how far back would you go?
  17. If you could travel through time and space to the ideal alternate universe, what would it be like?
  18. Instead of having normal human skin, would you rather be covered in fur, scales, or feathers?
  19. Would you rather have to go to sleep at the exact same time every night no matter what, or wake up at the exact same time every morning, despite how late you were up the night before?
  20. If you could skydive with any of the 46 US presidents, which one would it be?
  21. Is time real?
  22. Does space actually exist?
  23. Is the world flat?
  24. Does the sun turn off at night?
  25. If Earth was visited by aliens, do you think they would be friendly?
  26. What if black holes are just portals to other galaxies?
  27. Would you rather walk backwards for a year or jump into a pool of ice-cold water every morning as soon as you woke up for 6 months?
  28. If you had your own country, what would your flag look like?
  29. If you could pick any song to be your theme song, what song would it be?
  30. Imagine you now can teleport but are only able to teleport to one destination. Which destination would you choose to be the only one you can teleport to?
  31. Would you rather be 2 feet tall or 12 feet tall?
  32. Would you rather have an extra ear or an extra eye?
  33. Are houseplants considered to be pets?
  34. There is a movie being made about your life. What actor or actress would be cast to play the role of you?
  35. Would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy?
  36. If someone were to narrate your life, who would you choose to do it?
  37. Why are goosebumps called goosebumps?
  38. If you had to live on an island for a year by yourself but afterwards, you win $1 million, would you do it?
  39. Would you prefer to sound like a trumpet when you yawn or sound like thunder when you burp?
  40. If you could (safely) travel to another planet, which planet would you visit?
  41. Would you prefer to climb Mount Everest backwards or army crawl across the Sahara desert?
  42. Where do balloons fly to when you release them into the sky?
  43. Would you rather know your entire future or forget about your entire past?
  44. Do brown cows produce chocolate milk?
  45. Is the moon made out of cheese?
  46. Are doughnuts just female bagels?
  47. Is a muffin the manly version of a cupcake?
  48. If you could swim in jello, what flavour would you prefer to swim in?
  49. If you had to dumpster dive every day to get your food, which dumpster would it be that you would choose to dive from?
  50. What’s your favourite kind of bean?

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