Donald Glover Wife: Meet Michelle White

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American actor, rapper, singer, writer, comedian, director, and producer Donald Glover is well-known.

At age 23, Tina Fey hired Glover as a writer for the NBC series 30 Rock after Glover worked in Derrick Comedy while attending New York University.

His debut albums, the mixtapes Poindexter (2009) and Sick Boi (2008), displayed a witty and somewhat silly flair. Several more mixtapes, including Culdesac, were released (2010).

In the United States of America, at Edwards Air Force Base in California, Donald Glover was born on September 25, 1983. Donald Glover, Sr. and Beverly Glover are his parents.

Michelle White
Michelle White

Donald Glover Wife: Meet Michelle White

Donald Glover has been married to Michelle White.

A white Asian-American woman named Michelle White is said to have been born on May 18, 1989.

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How long have Donald Glover and Michelle White been together?

The singer-actor, better known by his stage as Childish Gambino, and White have been discreetly dating for five years. They have three children together.

Is Donald Glover still with Michelle White?

Donald Glover’s lifelong partner and the mother of his children is Michelle White. Glover is well-known for his part in the 2016 television series “Atlanta.” The actor received a 2017 Golden Globe Award for the role in the series, which also won a prize for Best Series.

Does Donald Glover have a gf?

Michelle White, Donald Glover’s longterm companion, is strikingly beautiful but also a little enigmatic because they keep their relationship quiet. Donald Glover, better known by his stage as Childish Gambino, is one of the most multifaceted actors and musicians of this generation.


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