Connie Macdonald: Who is Norm Macdonald’s ex-wife?

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Connie Macdonald is widely known as the ex-wife of late American stand-up comedian, Norm McDonald who became an influential personality in the comedy industry.

On September 14th, 2021, the former SNL host, Norm McDonald died at the age of 61 after battling cancer for nine years. The news of his demise shook fans of comedy and the entertainment industry.

The late comedian was loved for his dry and witty sense of humor and his show Saturday Night Live was admired by many people.

Following his death, many people have been wondering about the whereabouts of Connie Vaillancourt. In this article, we’re going to throw light on every detail about her.

Connie Macdonald
Connie Macdonald and Norm Macdonald

Who is Connie Vaillancourt?

Connie Vaillancourt is the ex-wife of Norman Gene Macdonald. The two got married in 1988 and remained married for decades before going their separate ways.

Their eight years of marriage resulted in giving birth to a son identified as Dylan Macdonald born in 1993.

She has lived a private life away from the media during her marriage with the renowned comedian and even after her divorce.

Professionally, Connie Macdonald is a family therapist who currently lives in Los Angeles.

There’s not much information about Connie Vaillancourt and her relationship with the late comedian but they preferred to keep their marriage and family away from the limelight.

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Did Norm McDonald remarry after divorcing Connie McDonald?

Norm never said anything about having a wife or being in a relationship with anyone after divorcing Connie Vaillancourt.

However, reports revealed that she dated actress Elle MacPherson between 1997 and 1998 but the isn’t any other information about his dating life.

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