Bobby Flay Biography, Age, Restaurants, Wife, Net Worth

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Bobby Flay is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur and reality television personality. Flay owns a lot of restaurants and has worked with Food Network since 1995. His exceptional work has earned him awards like the Daytime Emmy Awards which he has won four times. If you are searching for the full biography of Flay, then keep reading as we provide you with the details.

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Bobby Flay Biography

Flay was born on 10 December 1964 in New York City to Bill and Dorothy Barbara. Bobby was raised in Manhattan. He was also raised as a Catholic and attended denominational schools.

At the age of 17, Flay dropped out of high school and started working at restaurants. His first work was at a pizza parlour and Baskin-Robbins. He later took a position at Joe Allen Restaurant in Manhattan’s Theater District where he was making salads. Flay’s father was a partner in the company. The proprietor, Joe Allen, was impressed with Flay’s ability so he decided to pay the tuition at the French Culinary Institute for Flay to attend.

After his graduation from the French Culinary Institute in 1984, Flay started working as a sous-chef. Flay also worked from 1988 to 1990 at Miracle Grill in the East Village as the executive chef. His exceptional skills caught the attention of restaurateur Jerome Kretchmer, who was looking for a southwestern-style chef. He was then offered the position of executive chef at Mesa Grill on 15 January 1991. After becoming a partner, he opened  Bolo Bar & Restaurant with Laurence Kretchmer. He went on to open several other branches. Apart from his work as a restaurateur, Flay has also hosted sixteen cooking shows and specials on Food Network and Cooking Channel. He also established the Bobby Flay Scholarship in 2003 which is awarded annually to a student in the Long Island City Culinary Arts Program. Flay has also been a master instructor and visiting chef at the French Culinary Institute and passes there from time to time.

Bobby Flay Restaurants

  • Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP)
  • Mesa Grill
  • Bar Americain
  • Bobby Flay Steak
  • Bolo Bar & Restaurant

How Many Restaurants Does Bobby Flay Own?

According to CNBC, Bobby Flay has over 20 restaurants as of 2019.

Bobby Flay‘s Wife

Flay is currently single after divorcing his last wife. He first married Debra Ponzek who was also a chef on 11 May 1991. They ended their marriage in 1993. His second was Kate Connelly in 1995. His marriage with Kate was blessed with a daughter named Sophie. They separated in 1998. On 20 February 2005, Flay married actress Stephanie March but they also separated in March 2015. He also dated Heléne Yorke from February 2016 to early 2019.

Bobby Flay‘s Net Worth

As revealed earlier, Flay is not just a restaurateur but also a cookbook writer, and a television personality. His net worth is estimated to be about $30 million.

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