Ashley Judd husband: Who is Ashley Judd married to? Does she have children?

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Ashley Judd is widely known as an actress who has gained popularity for starring in several movies like Double Jeopardy, Time to Kill, Heat, Twisted, and many others.

Recently, she has opted to become a political activist and has since been working for political and social justice movements, and NGOs.

Many people have been searching whether Ashley Judd is married or not? In this article, we’re going to throw light on every detail of Ashley Judd’s marriage.

Ashley Judd husband
Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti

Who is Ashley Judd married to?

Well, the activities on Ashley Judd’s social media pages it doesn’t show that the actress cum political activist is currently married or in any sort of relationship.

However, she was previously married to Scotsman Dario Franchitti, a former racing driver who currently works as a commentator in the port.

The two got engaged in 1999 and later got married in 2001 and stayed together for 12 years until they divorced in 2013 but the ex-couple ended their union on good terms and even became good friends.

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Ashley Judd husband

Dario Franchitti is widely known as a Scottish former racing driver who’s now a motorsports commentator.

Dario is a three times winner of the Indianapolis 500, a four-time IndyCar Series champion, and a winner of the 24-hours Dayton (2008).

Is Ashley Judd still married?

No, following Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti’s divorce she doesn’t seem to have a romantic relationship with anyone.

Meanwhile, she was romantically linked to Robert De Niro and Matthew McConaughey during his acting career but she does not display her relationship in the public domain.

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Does Ashley Judd have children?

No, Ashley Judd was married to Dario Franchitti for 12 years but they never got a child.

She has opened up about her thoughts on deciding to not have children. According to the actress cum political activist, “It’s unconscionable to breed, with the number of children who are starving to death in impoverished countries.”

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