Ashley Judd accident: What happened to Ashley Judd?

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Ashley Judd is known as a popular American actress and political activist who has attained stardom for the movies she has starred in and philanthropic activities.

The actress has starred in movies like Double Jeopardy, Tooth Fairy, Kiss the Girls, and many others. She has established herself as one of the most powerful Hollywood actresses.

Ashley Judd has acquired an impressive fortune for herself and has a total net worth of $22 million. There are many people asking about what happened to Ashley Judd?

Ashley Judd accident
Ashley Judd holding crutches

Ashley Judd accident

Ashley Judd was involved in a car accident in Congo and was critically injured causing her to swallow her face.

The actress engulfed the headlines due to the changes in her appearance following her accident hence people started searching “what happened to Ashley Judd’s face?”

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What happened to Ashley Judd’s face?

As many people started looking for what happened to Ashley Judd, she reacted to plastic surgery rumors about her appearance.

Speaking in an interview in April 2012, the actress cum political activist issued an aggressive reply to those concluded about her puffy face, weight gain, and plastic surgery.

This came up after Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign tweeted a clip of Ashley Judd and users criticized the video calling her face puffy with many implying that she had plastic surgery.

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Ashley Judd’s plastic surgery

The actress issued a statement at the time explaining that she was getting Botox injections on regular basis to help with her siege migraines.

Mayo Clinic issued a Q&A on Botox as a treatment for chronic migraines and the US Food and Drug Administration has approved Botox.

How did Ashley Judd Congo accident affect her?

Ashley Judd got involved in an accident in February 2021 and broke her leg while on vacation to the Democratic Republic of Congo, after six months she posted on her Instagram page she had reached a crucial milestone in her recovery from the accident.

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